Yaroslavskiy Pigment LLC has at its disposal a modern laboratory, which plays an important role in production quality management system, established in this enterprise.

The laboratory works on
the following issues:

Development and deployment of new products in manufacturing

Development and deployment of new products in manufacturing;

Input control of raw materials before manufacturing

Input control of raw materials before manufacturing;

Pigments manufacturing technological control

Pigments manufacturing technological control;

Quality assurance and standards compliance control of released products

Quality assurance and standards compliance control of released products;

Monitoring of waste water composition

Monitoring of waste water composition;

New measure methods development

New measure methods development.


Technical competence and independence of the testing laboratory is accredited by Analytical laboratories (Centers) Accreditation System in compliance with Russian and International Standards, and provides services in analytical research of quality control of pigments and raw materials for manufacturing.

Testing laboratory samples and tests the pigments by the following degrees:
  • Iron compounds content in terms of the equivalent amount of Fe2O3;
  • рН;
  • Volatile matter content;
  • Substances dissolved in water content;
  • Oil absorption;
  • Grinding;
  • Coverage;
  • Residue after wet sieving;
  • Particle distribution analysis;
    (conducted using the last generation of equipment – laser particle analyzer made by Horiba (Japan), provides precise control of the product dispersity, and modify it as requred).
  • Color characteristics.

The laboratory, in cooperation with scientists from Yaroslavl State Polytechnic University, carries out scientific researches for broadening the usage areas of the pigments, quality improvement and diversification of products released by “Yaroslavlskiy Pigment” LLC.

Besides the control measurement, the laboratory also provides computer-aided color matching, which enables to prepare instantly for pigment manufacturing, matching exactly the customer’s sample, as well as providing particle size distribution analysis services on laser particle analyzer Horiba LA -950.